Well Done, Jerry!


Yahoo co-founder and Chief Yahoo Jerry Yang is stepping down after 17 years at the company.

What an amazing ride.

And what an amazing accomplishment!

Although some of the commentary surrounding this news will centre around Yahoo’s challenges and missteps over the past decade, let’s not miss the bigger picture:

Yahoo is, by any measure, an extraordinary success story.

17 years ago, Jerry and his fellow grad student David Filo started a list of web sites in their dorm room. And 17 years later, that list has become a global corporation with ~10,000 employees, 700 million monthly users, a $20 billion market capitalisation, and ~$5 billion of annual revenue.

That’s innovation.

That’s entrepreneurship.

That’s Silicon Valley.

That’s America.

That, in a word, is awesome.

So, well done, Jerry Yang!  All the best in your future adventures.