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SAP has a vision for a world that runs better through technology. The enterprise tech company and its 60,000+ worldwide employees believe we’re entering an era of unprecedented empowerment of the individual — that technology, when done right, can make our lives better, easier, and more amazing. These changes are being driven by the mega trends in technology: mobility, big data, social, and cloud, which are shaping the future of business and changing how we work and live. SAP is in the centre of this change, providing technology to companies that touch every part of our lives. Together, SAP and its customers make aeroplanes safer, bring fresher food to us faster, save resources by optimising delivery routes in realtime, and much more. These are exciting stories, so we’re thrilled to present a place to tell them: the “Future of Business” blog, a new project that’s a first for Business Insider. It’s our hope that this becomes the model for similar projects with other leading brands.

In this section we’ll present Business Insider’s take on the future of business alongside SAP’s stories. We’ll show you how technology — and the dynamic companies using it — are changing many facets of business as we know it, empowering our mobile lives, harnessing the power of big data, and creating a more sustainable future. We hope you enjoy. And we’re grateful to SAP for making this exploration possible.

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