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From Matthew O. Brimer, Cheif Marketing Officer of GoCrossCampus:

I would like to formally announce our new startup: GoCrossCampus, online at http://gocrosscampus.com.
GoCrossCampus (GXC) is a massive multiplayer social gaming platform–a team-based “locally social online sport” that revolves around your connections, locations and interests. Any team of people can play, whether it’s rival dorms battling across a college campus, employees competing in a corporate team-building tournament, universities duking it out in an athletic championship, or even supporters of presidential candidates in a political bash across the US. GXC has been phenomenally successful in its private beta launch, and the company is continuing to expand rapidly.
GoCrossCampus is a venture-backed web startup, based in New Haven, CT, founded in Spring 2007 by undergraduate members of the Yale Entrepreneurial Society (http://yes.yale.edu) and incubated by the Yale Entrepreneurial Institute (http://yale.edu/yei). In Fall 2007, GXStudios secured Series A funding led by two New York firms, Easton Capital and WGI Group. All five founders are still undergraduates at Yale and Columbia.
Cheers, Matt

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