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From Mark A. Wagner, Corporate Advisor of Ceravision:

Ceravision (www.ceravision.com) is a UK based, angel backed, lighting company. We’re the leader in efficient lighting using electrode-less, microwave technology.

Since 1999 we’ve developed much of the the fundamental IP in this area. We initially developed lamps for projection that have extremely long lives, solving a pressing need in the projection industry. More recently we have demonstrated lamps with unprecedented efficiency and brightness for general use. 

The technology today enables low cost, bright, long lasting efficient lamps from 200W up to kilowatts, suitable for commercial and industrial use. We’re also developing domestic lamps that are more efficient than compact fluorescents but have the colour of an incandescent and switch on fast. Our technology also enabled a range of niche uses such as UV water purification and fibre optic lighting with combinations of efficiency, low cost, long life and great spectra not seen before.

Lighting consumes 20% of all electrical energy. If lamps can achieve 150 lumens per watt, 10% of all electrical energy could be saved.

–Mark A. Wagner

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