A TROJAN HORSE And 9 More Bizarre Hotels Around The World

trojan horse

Photo: La Balade des Gnomes via Curbed

Forget the chain hotels and trendy boutiques.If you really want a memorable vacation, book yourself a room in a treehouse, igloo, or the belly of a giant dog — all actual hotels where people pay good money to spend a night.

Our friends at Curbed rounded up some of the wackiest hotels in the world, and we dug up a few more.

Whatever you do, don’t forget your camera.

TREEHOTEL IN SWEDEN: Stay in one of five treehouse rooms for $559-a-night

TREEHOTEL IN SWEDEN: Spend the night in a giant bird's nest.


LA BALADE DE GNOMES IN BELGIUM: Sleep like an an ancient Greek warrior in the Trojan horse suite.

DOG BARK PARK INN, COTTONWOOD, IDAHO: Or get cozy in the world's largest beagle, for $92-a-night.

HOTEL VERDE IN COSTA RICA: Rent a room in this decommissioned Boeing 727, starting at $250-a-night.

HOTEL VERDE IN COSTA RICA: The plane is mounted on a 50-foot stone pedestal and has ocean views.

GAMIRASU CAVE HOTEL IN TURKEY: The rest of the hotel is housed in an ancient Byzantine monastery.

JULES' UNDERSEAL LOUNGE, KEY LARGO, FLORIDA: A room at this underwater getaway costs $500/night, and includes diving gear.

WOODPECKER HOTEL IN SWEDEN: This one-room lodge is accessible only by rope ladder.

DAS PARK HOTEL IN AUSTRIA: This hotel is made of repurposed sewer pipes.

PING-PONG PADDLE HOTEL, HUIANAN, CHINA: If you're a sports fanatic, hold out for a room at this soon-to-open hotel, shaped like a giant paddle.

Looking for something a little more upscale?

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