8 of the weirdest and coolest events around the world

James Ambrose for Morning Gloryville

Would you do yoga in the nude? How about taking your pup to a festival totally dedicated to pets?

If that’s not your bag, perhaps a marathon of pizza eating may tickle your fancy.

Whatever weird interest you may have, there’s probably an event for it somewhere in the world.

Global event ticketing website Eventbrite gathered up all the weird and interesting events that happen all over the world, and some of them are pretty out there.

Here are eight of the weirdest and coolest event trends in the world.

Fake wedding parties

TRINEO Eventos Creativos/Falsa Boda/Youtube

Young Argentinians are forking out about $AU64 a pop to attend fake weddings run by events companies like Falsa Boda (“fake wedding” in Spanish).

They look like the real deal, with a bridal party, lavish decorations, a cake and a reception after — but the bridal party are all actors, and no one gets legally married.

They’re a new type of interactive theatre experience, where the bridal party are all paid actors who play out a script where there are usually exciting twists and turns to keep the experience interesting, such as the groom declares his love for his best man, or an old partner or secret lover shows up to create some drama.

Young people in the country are attending fewer real weddings, as the popularity in ceremonies declines, but they still crave the excitement of the party.

Instagram museums

These interactive art installations are always colourful and highly photographable, often with minimal advertising, instead getting their publicity from photos people take and post on Instagram and other social media.

There’s the pastel-pink coloured Museum of Ice Cream that travels to new locations every so often in America and has it’s own rainbow sprinkle pool.

Color Factory in San Francisco houses over 12,000 “colour experiences”, while Meow Wolf in New Mexico in the US showcases weird and wonderful modern art.

Morning raves

James Ambrose for Morning Gloryville

Like a midnight dance rave in a dark underground bar, but in the morning from 6.30am – 10.30am, in beautiful locations around the world, and with no alcohol.

The focus of the Morning Gloryville rave is on conscious clubbing, and sober morning raving.

There’s inspirational, energising music, mesmerising visuals as well as free massage, organic coffee and smoothie bars, yoga and personal motivation from trained and costumed performers.

Concerts for babies

Facebook/Babykonzert Frankfurt

If you haven’t been to a Wiggles concert, then you may not have heard of this one.

Instead of singing “toot toot, chugga chugga, big red car”, in Germany, classical music concerts for babies and their parents are very popular. They say that the music supposedly has a calming and healing effect on the young ones, plus parents get to go to a concert together again without the hassle of finding a babysitter.

Kid’s activities… but for adults

Picture the activities you used to do as a kid. Images may come to mind of playing with Lego, reading the Harry Potter books, jumping around on bouncy castles and diving headfirst into a ball pit. This time they have an adult spin.

The Brick Bars are Lego-themed pop-up bars that land in secret locations around Australia for limited periods. The bar features sculptures made completely from Lego building blocks as well as heaps of blocks for attendees to shape into their own creations.

If you love trampoline parks like Skyzone, then the newest trend is all about adult jumping castles. The Monster is a huge adult jumping castle obstacle course in Victoria where you run, jump, crawl, and climb, and afterwards you can grab gourmet street food and drinks from trucks serving burgers, cocktails and beer.

You may have seen photos on Instagram from Sydney’s white ball pit in Barangaroo and Bondi Junction a couple of years ago.

The humble ball pit has evolved into a huge pool of fun, sometimes with glow-in-the-dark recycled plastic balls, LED lighting and disco balls, DJ’s spinning dance tunes and a cocktail bar.

Ballie in Shoreditch, London’s pit is filled with one million balls, a 70-metre glowing UV mural twisting around the walls, a private pit looking directly out on the street, and a golden ball pit for VIP’s.

Ballmania in Manchester looks more like the neon-coloured brightly-lit ball pits of your childhood, but there are no kids allowed here.

Normal activities… but in the nude

Festivals are all about the whole experience. They are great places to hang out with friends, do some people watching, and listen to great music. At the Amsterdam Woods Festival you can go one step further and hop into a hot tub or sauna to relax, but swimmers are optional. Depending on your fellow festival-goers this may either be a lovely, relaxing experience or could make things very, very awkward.

Many kinds of weird yoga already exist. Goat yoga, dog yoga, beer yoga, yoga on horses, yoga on standup paddleboards, aerial yoga, and hip hop yoga, however none are quite as exposing as yoga in the buff. There’s men’s only nude yoga in Sydney, but for the ladies, you’ll have to travel abroad to find a nude yoga, like Bold and Naked in New York and Naked Yoga in London.

Pizza marathons

Martin Bonetto for Musa5K

If this was held in Australia, it would be called a pizza crawl. Argentinians roam a curated list of different pizza restaurants to find the very best margarita pizza. Muza5K was created when a group of friends decided to solve an ongoing debate about the best pizza restaurant in Buenos Aires. After all the restaurants have been visited, attendees get together and vote for the best one. There are no official prizes for the winner, but attendees go home with a tummy full of pizza, which is quite a prize in and of itself.

Events where your pet is your plus one

Facebook/Puppies and Pinot

No longer are dogs relegated to stay at home when you want to go out to have a good time. They can now come with you.

You can bring your pooch to Pups and Pinot, a dog-friendly wine party run by Vinomofo in Melbourne. It’s a boozy festival of dogs and food, and they even also a wine-infused ice-cream food truck on-site called “Winescream” .

A huge market totally dedicated to pets runs in Brisbane every fourth Saturday of the month, where you can find anything you’ve ever needed and wanted for your pet.

Instead of a plain old street festival, Marrickville Council mixed things up and created the first dog street festival, complete with “Australia’s Next Top Dog” and “Strut Your Mutt” modelling competitions on the main streets of inner-west Sydney.

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