The 10 weirdest things people have encountered in 'No Man's Sky'

No Man's SkyHello GamesIn ‘No Man’s Sky,’ you can go anywhere you want, but you’ll probably run into some space pirates along the way.

Just about everything in the space-exploration game “No Man’s Sky” is generated by an algorithm, which makes the process of discovering entirely new worlds so exciting.

Since the game is made up of literally quintillions of planets, it’s almost certain that nobody — including the game’s designers — have seen what you are seeing at any given moment.

Naturally, the sheer excitement of discovery has led those playing “No Man’s Sky” to upload their strangest findings to Reddit. Some will make you laugh, but others are so downright weird that you’ll swear they were designed by hand.

According to the person who uploaded this image to Reddit, the planet was covered in what looked like gravestones: 'Each pedestal had a vortex cube on it. All over the surface of the planet.'

This planet had some sort of gravitational anomaly that cause giant floating islands of rock to form.

Though some planets have settlements on them, these pyramid-like rock structures appear to have formed naturally somehow. Also, please note the horrifying flying snake critters.

Here's one of those structures that was actually built by alien life, but it managed to get intertwined with a giant tree. At least you have a jet-pack to help you get up there!

This planet has a perfectly circular, completely clear lake on its surface. It's hard to believe this is all randomly generated by maths.

Speaking of perfect circles, someone definitely found the actual Death Star.

A lot of planets have Earth-like atmospheres, but for some reason, this one is neon pink.

On the creepier end of the spectrum, someone found an entire planet covered in dead roots and these hollowed-out cube structures.

We have an entire article devoted to the weird critters people have stumbled across, but this fellow is weird enough to be worthy of inclusion here. He does not look happy that we're on his turf.

And finally, please check out these critters with literal bananas for heads. Sure. Why not?

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