Here's some of the weird stuff you can buy on Etsy, the Brooklyn company that just had a $3+ billion IPO

Etsy, the online marketplace that specialises in crafts and other artistic items, went public Thursday morning with an opening price valuing it over $US3.7 billion.

One critique of the company leading up to its IPO was that as the site tried to scale, it was losing its unique selection of items that weren’t mass-produced.

We checked out the site and decided that that is definitely not true.

You can buy these custom wedding cake toppers for $950.

This creepy little 2-foot tall sculpture takes 'hours upon days upon weeks' for its creator to make and sells for $180.

This 'Santa, a jolly elf with a beer' art doll could glare at you from your shelf for $700.

Don't worry, the bees in this vial died a natural death. And they can be yours for only $15!

You could get these interesting boxers for the elephant-loving dude in your life.

Buy this big shell to pin in your hair and channel your inner mermaid.

There are a lot of cloth menstrual pads on Etsy. This is mini cloth pad in a bottle is advertised as a keepsake charm.

You can get this pig's head painted onto a real muskrat's jawbone for $35.

A tote bag made from a recycled cat food bag!

This brass cowboy boot can be used as a paperweight, bookend, or even a vase.

This bib necklace was made with an assortment of vintage buttons.

This one-of-a-kind cat print would be a great statement piece. It's printed on vintage dictionary paper.

You can write anything you want on this chalkboard skull.

This vintage Mariquita Perez doll dates back to the 1960s.

These swan lamps were made from brass.

Now, check out Etsy's headquarters

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