Google Earth Is Loaded With Weird Stuff


Photo: GEarth Blog

When you stitch together enough satellite photos to build a graphic representation of the Earth, you’re going to find some unusual things.Check out these 15 weird and interesting shots captured from all over the planet’s surface.

A giant pink bunny on its back in Italy

Why is this fighter jet in a Paris parking lot?

An overturned ship in Basrah, Iraq

Old planes retire to the Arizona desert

Here's a Firefox crop circle in Oregon

Not the work of aliens, but of artists in Egypt

Lots of speculation that this is a missile in flight over Utah

An unfortunately-shaped military base in San Diego

Arizona loves Oprah so much that she inhabits its cornfields

Colonel Sanders lives in New Mexico

Camels and humans at a watering hole in Nigeria

No one knows why this Iraq lake is blood red

Here's a portrait of Ghenghis Khan in Monoglia

This ad is made out of recycled Coke bottles arranged on a hillside in Chile

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