Weird Billboards Of Former Morgan Stanley Analyst With Woman, Possibly His Mistress, Go Up In Times Square

Charles E. Phillips is the former Morgan Stanley (MS) analyst-turned-Oracle executive who has always come off as Mr. Straight-Laced, all-American, stud. Before Morgan Stanley he was in the Marines, 2nd Battalion.

But this may ruin that image.

A series of billboards (in Times Square and elsewhere) have gone up advertising the site, which shows Phillips an a woman canoodling with each other over the course of several years.

The woman is not his wife.

Gawker believes, with sound reasoning and several tips, that the whole project is the work of a jealous lover (YaVaugnie Wilkins).

Either way, it’s definitely not his wife, and it’s very, very hard to imagine that Philips himself was behind the billboards. That would be wildly unprofessional.

charles philips billboard

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