21 Ridiculous Things That Were Actually For Sale On Etsy

rob kalin

Inc. Magazine just had some harsh things to say about Etsy CEO Rob Kalin.

One of the big problems with Etsy is that the site sells mostly handmade goods. It’s hard to scale an operation if you have to make everything by hand.

But, even more than that, not everyone can make very good stuff by hand.

To prove it, a site called Regretsy has been highlighting some of the most absurd Etsy items that have been available for sale.

The following slideshow is just a small sample of the wealth you can find over there.

They range from gross to sad to hilarious.

Dead bees!

Playing card hairbow

Huge dog-themed shirt

A painting: Hitler on Tinkerbell's head

Human hair?

Crocheted flamingo hat

Star of David on a guitar pick on your ear

Barbie mermaid hair clip

This is, believe it or not, a pad

Half of Barry Manilow

Michael Jackson obviously belongs on a baby's shirt

Octopus with a mustache? Yep

Stephen King as a nesting doll

Is this how to sell a necklace?

This tote is made out of a cat food bag

A carved orange peel. For sale

A pig's head sporting the Coco Chanel logo for just $2,000

An adorable rat, cut into a rug

A bedazzled mask.

A Twilight-themed wallet made of duct tape

Here's Inc.'s profile on Etsy CEO Rob Kalin

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