15 Incredibly Weird Items For Sale On Amazon

weird amazon itemsNeed a stegosaurus costume for your puppy?

We love Amazon for shipping whatever we want to our front door.

We do a majority of our shopping there, which is only possible because Amazon sells just about everything.

But here’s a small problem with being the “everything” store – “everything” includes a lot of weird stuff.

Stegosaurus dog costumes. A rubber ducky that looks like Barack Obama. A “sexy inflatable sheep.”

Not only were we surprised to learn that these are real things that exist in the real world, but they’re also readily available for purchase.

Disclosure: Jeff Bezos is an investor in Business Insider through his personal investment company Bezos Expeditions.

Just a bunch of live ladybugs.

Why is this trashcan so expensive?

Our president rendered as a mallard.

Never buy this, please.

You have to love a giant Transformers necklace made out of wood.

We had no idea there was a symbol for Canadian-American friendship.

Just some uranium ore.

Don't find and remove a dead rat. Just use this to cover the smell.

This seems like a slightly more specialised item than something Amazon should be selling.

Dress your dog like a hippie.

Dress your dog like a dinosaur.

A (hopefully) bad translation of a foreign book title.

For those who think the truth is out there.

This speaks for itself.

Android has changed what people expect out of a phone.

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