Once Again No One In China Helped A Man Lying In The Street, Until A White Woman Came Along


Photo: news.ifeng.com

First there was the crazy man stabbing his mother at Pudong Airport, where the only person to intervene was a foreigner. Then there was was the attempted suicide who was saved by an American woman in Hangzhou. Then there was the two-year-old run over twice in Guangdong, where no one stopped to help.People are suddenly paying attention to the trend of Chinese not helping other Chinese.

Shanghaist found another incident today:

Last Saturday afternoon on Weining Road (威宁路) in Xi’an, a Caucasian woman lifted a man lying on the street, while using her limited Chinese skills to ask for help from passersby. After she helped the prone stranger get off his feet, she led him to rest inside a small shop, whereupon the owner of the store told her: “Don’t bring him into my store, it’ll bring me trouble.”

Read the Guardian for a comment on how this problem goes back to the Cultural Revolution.

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