Meet 7 people who lost 100 pounds or more on Weight Watchers

  • WW (formerly Weight Watchers) has been around since 1963, and helped hundreds of thousands of people lose weight.
  • Many users have even lost 100 pounds or more thanks to the program.
  • Their tips include going in on the program with friends and incorporating exercise into your day.

Diet fads come and go, but one mainstay in the weight loss industry is Weight Watchers, currently known as WW. Since Brooklyn homemaker Jean Nidetch founded the program in 1963, according to Good Housekeeping, it has helped thousands of people drop pounds and achieve their goals. It was even named the number one weight-loss diet – based on effectiveness, health risks, and ease – by U.S. News & World Report.

Its signature points system and regular meetings are key to the program’s success, as the following seven men and women can attest. Thanks to WW, each of them has lost more than 100 pounds and improved their overall health. Here are their stories.

Opera singer Jennifer Check dropped 132.8 pounds.

Check did Weight Watchers with her friend. Courtesy of Weight Watchers/Jennifer Check

Jennifer Check says there was no one moment that made her want to join WW. But the soprano with the Metropolitan Opera in New York City recalls one incident that motivated her to sign up: “I went to Universal Studios with my friends and the Harry Potter exhibit has just opened, and I couldn’t wait to get on the ride. But I couldn’t fit in the seat,” she wrote on the WW website.

The 42-year-old from Hopelawn, New Jersey, joined WW with a friend and thanks to the steady support of her mother, running regularly, and dedication to the program, she lost 132.8 pounds. Three years after her original visit to Universal Studios, she returned: “I went back and I rode the Harry Potter ride three times in a row. I cried, I laughed, and I screamed like a 12-year-old again. What an amazing feeling it was!”

Eric Gonzalez from Los Alamitos, California, shed 161.8 pounds.

Gonzalez wanted to get more in shape for his health. Courtesy of Weight Watchers/Eric Gonzales

Perhaps his occupation as a certified nursing assistant made Eric Gonzalez want to get in better shape for his health. Either way, the 34-year-old from Los Alamitos, California, lost 161.8 pounds on WW.

Michele Jones lost an impressive 175.3 pounds on the program.

Jones lost 175.3 at 62. Courtesy of Weight Watchers/Michele Jones

Michele Jones is living proof that you’re never too old to make a big change in your life. Thanks to WW, the 62-year-old lost 175.3 pounds.

Michelle Wells Dewees shed 105.8 pounds before her wedding day.

Dewees was inspired to lose weight before her wedding. Courtesy of Weight Watchers/Michelle Wells Dewees

The director of special projects at the University of Oklahoma, Michelle Wells Dewees joined the program to shed some pounds. The 36-year-old from Norman, Oklahoma, wound up dropping an incredible 105.8 pounds on WW.

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The program helped Willson Overend lose 101.8 pounds.

Overend before and after Weight Watchers. Courtesy of Weight Watchers/Willson Overend

Southerner Willson Overend lost 101.8 pounds thanks to WW.

Kerri Seales lost 105.6 pounds and is now a Weight Watchers wellness guide.

Seales took her love for Weight Watchers one step further. Courtesy of Weight Watchers/Kerri Seales

New Yorker Kerri Seales accomplished so much while on the program – losing 105.6 pounds – that she is now a WW wellness guide and a fit model.

Anthony Williams dropped 119.2 pounds.

Williams started a more active lifestyle. Courtesy of Weight Watchers/Anthony Williams

Hailing from Chicago, Anthony Williams signed up with WW and started living a more active lifestyle. The result? The 44-year-old lost 119.2 pounds.

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