Weight Watchers CEO: Our Retail Stores Aren’t Just About Selling Products

Weight Watchers Product

[credit provider=”Alaina McConnell/Business Insider”]

Weight Watchers newest retail location has opened its doors in Manhattan’s Financial District.It’s the 600th Weight Watchers store to open nationwide.

That’s a whole lot of stores, and they have a greater purpose than just selling products.

CEO Dave Kirchhoff explained to us that the retail outlets are places for members to hold formal meetings or to simply drop by for extra encouragement.

Member support is an integral part of staying on track with the new Weight Watchers program, he said.  But the X factor is actually a sense self belief. “The people who have the most success believe that if they stick with it they will be successful,” he said.

To help cultivate this type of self confidence it’s important for members to realise they are not alone, said Randi Gorton, Weight Watchers’ Manhattan District Manager. “We support each other,” she said.  “We show people that they’re not the only ones.”