The Obsession With Wegmans Food Markets Has Reached A New High

Wegmans has started getting some press recently for being one of the best grocery stores in the country. As a native of Syracuse, New York—in the middle of Wegmans territory—I couldn’t agree more.

A group of musical theatre students in Northborough, Mass, must feel the same. The students created an entire musical in honour of Wegmans by rewriting Broadway musical songs with lyrics in praise of the grocery store:

To the tune of Rent’s “Seasons of Love”

“525,600 square feet, 525,000 cases of beer. 525,600 square feet, how do you measure the variety here? In cheeses, in produces, in bakers, in types of coffee, in apple, pecan, and blueberry pie. 525,600 items, so much to chose from, how do I decide? Welcome to WEGGGGGGGMANSSS…. Wegmans we love.”

To the tune of Wicked’s “Popular”

“Whenever I see someone less healthier than I, and let’s face it who isn’t less healthier than I? My Wegmans heart starts to bleed.”

Between the music, are funny skits stressing how helpful and friendly Wegmans employees are, and how much variety the store has to offer. Check it out:

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