This new grocery store concept in Denmark found a brilliant way to profit from a huge waste

A new grocery store in Denmark is selling expired and “ugly” food at massive discounts.

The store, called WeFood, focuses primarily on bakery and produce items.

It has deals with a number of food suppliers, as well as an agreement with Føtex, one of the biggest supermarket chains in Denmark, to get their old, expired, or blemished food, the Independent reports.

WeFood is discounting its produce by as much as 50% below supermarket prices.

The company says it’s aiming to reduce Denmark’s food waste, and it has the backing of the Danish government.

“It’s ridiculous that food is just thrown out or goes to waste,” Eva Kjer Hansen, the Danish minister for food and environment, said at a recent event organised by WeFood. “It is bad for the environment and it is money spent on absolutely nothing.”

WeFood has plans to open more outlets across the country if the first location, which opened in Copenhagen, is successful.
The concept is similar to a store launched in Boston last year called Daily Table.

Daily Table, which was founded by the former president of Trader Joe’s, sells food that other grocery stores are planning to throw out. But unlike WeFood, it doesn’t sell any food that is past its expiration date.

Food waste is a huge issue worldwide.

In the US alone, roughly 31% of food goes uneaten, yet one in six Americans faces hunger, according to the USDA.

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