WEEKEND READS: Catch Up On The Best Economics And Finance Links Of The Week

Did you miss something on the internet this week? No matter who you are, the answer is probably yes. We’re here to help you catch up. Here’s a smattering of excellent posts, both short and long, from the last week that make for good weekend reading:

Today in the Wall Street gender gap — Ben Walsh

Why America’s middle class is lost — Jim Tankersley

The first woman to chair a big British bank will be Shriti Vadera of Santander UK — FT

Venezuela is in deep trouble — Katia Porzecanski

“Needham, the smallest bank, was also the thirstiest, but everyone else wanted in too.” — Matt Levine

“Neither the protectionist incumbent nor the anti-regulation upstart is pro-consumer. Both are pro-profit.” — Catherine Rampell

You are almost certainly working too much — The Economist

Self promotion:

The US economy will be playing by new rules in 2015 — Akin Oyedele

Here’s where the highest paid New Yorkers live — Andy Kiersz

Putin took another sharp turn away from the West — Elena Holodny

Oil is not the biggest story in markets right now: It’s about bonds — Myles Udland

A World Cup gambling sting snared alleged Chinese mafia dons in Las Vegas — Linette Lopez

The most bullish chart you’ll see has a big stock market crash in the middle of it — Sam Ro

This is what GDP growth looks like around the world — Me

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