WEEKEND READS: Catch Up On The Best Economics And Finance Links Of The Week

Did you miss something on the internet this week? No matter who you are, the answer is probably yes. We’re here to help you catch up. Here’s a smattering of excellent posts, both short and long, from the last few days that make for a good weekend read:
How Bill Gross lost his empire — Mary Childs

“Rather than cleanse the economy, recessions actually restrict workers from advancing to jobs that are better matches” — Nick Bunker

How the fight for the $US15 minimum wage has spread — Lydia DePillis

The Sony Pictures hack accidentally also revealed a huge gender pay gap at Deloitte — Kevin Roose and Alexis Madrigal

Rising housing prices mean a lot of people have been priced out of the market — Trulia

Ontario has adopted a gender diversity quota for corporate boards (sort of) — Ontario Securities Commission

What rights should pregnant employees have in the workplace? — Rebecca Leber

This is the only thing you need to read about Art Basel Miami Beach — Scott Indrisek

Self promotion:

Here’s what nerds mean when they say ‘standard deviation’ — Andy Kiersz

These 14 Wall Street experts got the 2014 interest rate story dead wrong — Akin Oyedele

Russia’s brain drain is astounding — Elena Holodny

The real reason why high-powered brokers are leaving Merrill Lynch — Linette Lopez

Corporate America’s stuff is just so old — Sam Ro

India is the last BRIC standing — Portia Crowe

GMO Capital’s James Montier destroys the idea that maximizing shareholder value is good — Myles Udland

This is what the next financial crisis might look like — Me

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