WEEKEND READS: Catch Up On The Best Economics And Finance Links Of The Week

Did you miss something on the internet this week? No matter who you are, the answer is probably yes. We’re here to help you catch up. Here’s a smattering of excellent posts, both short and long, from the last few days that make for a good weekend read.

(Former Fed special advisor) Jon Faust’s
farewell to QE.

“The patients we’re taking care of on a general medical floor now were the patients twenty years ago we took care of in an ICU [intensive-care unit] with a 2-to-1 patient-to-nurse ratio”: How efficiency turns into hazard in the workplace. — Esther Kaplan

Tim Cook came out.

The $US280 cast iron skillet “is a pretty object for people who have lost sense for the value of money, dressed in a fig leaf of technological improvement.” — Dan McCrum

“I wish that we could get past seeing women who do these kinds of things as foolish, brave or weird. Nobody would consider a man doing the same thing as remarkable.” — Maya Rao on moving to the Bakken to write about live in North Dakota oil country.

“Why are [Tom] Cruise roles basically counter-cyclical?” – Ryan McCarthy and Jim Tankersley

“T.S. Eliot worked in the foreign transactions department at Lloyd’s bank from 1917 until 1925” — Poetry Foundation

The I Guess We’re Grown Ups Now podcast: What it’s like to be a professional musician and stay-at-home dad — Kari Halsted and Todd Peters

Topical culture interlude: “The Black Cat” by Edgar Allan Poe, even though Halloween is over

Self promotion:

The hot new threat to Argentina – “acceleration” — Linette Lopez

A hedge fund manager vanished after Credit Suisse accidentally wired him $US1.5 million — Elena Holodny

If you missed the rally, then you just made the most classic mistake in investing — Sam Ro

The most important charts in the world — Myles Udland

There’s a visible glass ceiling for top female earners in these 3 charts — Andy Kiersz

Would more diversity among economists have helped prevent the financial crisis? — Me (See also: Maybe)

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