WEEKEND READING: Here's The Only Way We Won't Starve To Death By 2050


Photo: USDA

This is our fourth instalment of Weekend Reading, a Friday feature for Business Insider readers who find themselves looking for a wider view of what is happening in the news. 

We offer for your consideration a “book of the week” and a number of presentations, articles and essays that we found especially interesting or informative.

In honour of this Sunday’s Academy Awards, we also offer up a link to this year’s Best Documentary. 

Book of the Week:  Fault Lines, by Raghuram Rajan.  Voted book of the year for 2010 by The Financial Times, it remains the most thorough analysis of the financial collapse and a cautionary tale about what the future holds.

Best DocumentaryInside Job.

Articles, Essays and Presentations:

1.  How does the world feed 9 billion people by 2050?  The Economist has a lengthy and smart analysis.

2.  The USDA’s chief economist gave his “state of the state of agriculture” address in Washington this week.  Both the speech and the accompanying slide show are worth your time.

3.  Walter Mead looks at the events in Madison, Wisconsin here and here.

4.  defence Secretary Robert Gates, who will be leaving his post at year’s end, gave his goodbye speech to the Army at West Point today. 

5.  Matt Bai’s lengthy profile of New Jersey Gov. Chris Christie is acute and well-written.

6.  Finally, Michael Lewis explains the real reasons why the financial system collapsed.

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