Weekend Reading: A Really Strong Line-up

Angelina Jolie

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We’re back with Weekend Reading, a Friday feature for Business Insider readers who find themselves looking for a wider view of what is happening in the news.We offer for your consideration a “book of the week” and a number of presentations, articles and essays that we found especially interesting or informative.

This week’s collection is particularly strong.  Here you go….

Book of the Week:  “Strategies of Containment,” by John Lewis Gaddis.  We’d forgotten what a great book this was until a friend reminded us of it this morning.  It is arguably the best analysis of US grand strategy during the Cold War and it’s particularly relevant to US policy-makers today.

Articles of the Week:

1. People say you can’t blame Goldman Sachs for everything. Frederick Kaufman blames the Wall Street firm for rising food prices.  We report, you decide. 

2. Rising food prices foretell political upheaval and revolution.  Lester Brown thinks we are heading that way fast.

3. Ryan Lizza’s long piece on how events altered President Obama’s foreign policy.

4. Walter Mead on why President Obama’s presidency is on the rocks and why it will be hard for him to turn things around.

5. Is it really possible that the Syrian regime will fall?  We don’t know, but The Economist has a solid overview of where things stand.

6. The isolation of Israel is becoming ever more acute.  David Rothkopf has a smart analysis of Prime Minister Netanyahu’s predicament.

7. Finally, People magazine meets Washington policy-makers.  Ron Brownstein profiles the 20 most politically effective celebrities. Angelina Jolie, Bono and Frank Sinatra make the cut.


Have a good weekend.