Welcome Back: Here Are The Most Interesting Headlines We Saw This Weekend

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The weekend’s over. Welcome back.

Here are the most interesting headlines we saw this weekend:

  • Starbucks is gearing up to dominate the ~$500 million single-serve coffee market.
  • Italy is freaking out over the flood of immigrants from Tunisia, post-revolution.
  • Chuck Schumer is cool with the NYSE merging with the Deutsche Boerse, so long as the NYSE’s name comes first.
  • The Egyptian stock exchange will re-open Wednesday.
  • Egypt sold T-bills at a staggering 10.95% interest rate.
  • The GOP is intent on blocking a renewal of the Build America Bonds program.
  • Soros blasted the Fed for not doing enough to prevent the financial crisis.
  • Obama’s budget battle begins in earnings this week.

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