Weekend Coffee Links: Wars And Glee Edition

You made it! Welcome back to another week and congrats on successfully getting here. And if you live in the Northeast, how ’bout that snow, eh? We’ll be digging ourselves out in Troy, NY for months to come.  Ain’t winter grand? I think so. But if you’re not a fan, perhaps I can lift your spirits with some interesting reading material. Below you’ll find my link finds for the week.  ou’re sure to find something that interests you.

Read on, Internet.

  • Leading with my chin:  If you’re curious as to the definition of grace, it’s how Roger Ebert has handled his battle with cancer and the loss of his lower jaw.  After two years, Roger has a new prosthetic chin and a new show. Symbolically, he says, it’s like his illness never happened. God bless you, Roger.
  • Rejecting the New York Times bestseller list: Some interesting truths revealed about what it really means/takes to be on the New York Times bestseller lists.  Also, why there are *two* lists for the coveted non-fiction category.
  • It’s not you, it’s me: A solid smack in the face from the very-wise Loren Feldman. Keep on truckin’, Loren.
  • Man awarded $404,000 for libelous Internet postings:  Nice to see the law catching up with technology. The Internet is not your playground, as the bullies of the Web will soon realise.
  • I’m so busy!:  Maybe we stop valuing our worth by how busy we are. Or, worse yet, how busy we pretend we are. Tweeting that you’re working doesn’t actually count as working.
  • Dear Michael Arrington: The now-infamous response letter Engadget’s Joshua Topolsky penned to Michael Arrington. I tweeted this earlier in the week but it’s just too beautiful not to share again.
  • The guy who peaked in high school: Because is there anything better than hanging out with someone who insists on reliving everything they once did? No, there’s not. I don’t care what you did five years ago. I want to know what you’re doing now. Nothing? Oh. OK then.
  • Chris Colfer’s Golden Globes Acceptance Speech: I know, just shut up. I’ve watched this video more times than I care to admit and I’ve gotten weepy every single time.  You tell ’em, kid. Also, he looks exactly like my little brother.  I kind of miss him.
  • Dog welcomes his soldier home from Afghanistan: This is why dogs are better than people. Also, I need a tissue.

That’s it from me. Have a great weekend, everyone!

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