Week In Review: Yang Out Of Yahoo, Dow Sinks Even Lower

We’re thankful the Dow closed over 8,000 this week — just barely. Even Yahoo (YHOO) is well below $10, with the resignation of Jerry Yang failing to help YHOO buck everything going south. Of course, there’s a good argument to be made that at least some stocks like Apple (AAPL) are ridiculously cheap right now.

So what else is going on? Things you may have missed:

  • So in a collapsing market, who’s well positioned? Microsoft (MSFT), who’s sitting on a mountain of cash while everyone else scrambles. The company poached Yahoo (YHOO) search honcho Sean Suchter.
  • We got a a giggle from this: Google (GOOG) advertised its maps now feature subway directions. One problem: the subway directions are completely wrong.
  • Sirius XM hit 14 cents? Doesn’t mean it’s cheap — it can certainly go to zero.
  • PC Magazine, once 600 pages thick and full of ads, is going out of print.
  • The new World of Warcraft came out, and it’s as big as everyone thought: the queues to play were running two hours long.
  • Not as popular as WoW: Google’s Lively, headed for the grave.

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