Week In Review: Who's Winning The Beijing Olympics? Television, Yahoo.

Here’s how we score the Olympics this week:

The gold medal goes to television. While is enjoying massive traffic (just shy of 300 million pageviews in four days), it turns out most people aren’t watching the Olympics video online. Instead, 99.7% of all Olympics viewing is happening in front of the tube.

Silver medal goes to Yahoo (YHOO), which shows the power of its existing audience by beating in Olympics coverage.

YouTube (GOOG) takes the bronze, earning blogosphere props for getting video of pro-Tibet protesters quickly back up on its site after the IOC requested takedowns.

We heard some new details about HTC’s Android-running “GPhone” (are we calling it that?) and the new Linux-running Palm Treo Pro (PALM). But it’s an open question how well either model will compete against the iPhone (AAPL), which is rumoured to have already sold three million units.

The controversy over ad-targeting firm NebuAd continues to evolve, as the US Congress sends letters to 34 Internet Service Providers querying them about their web-tracking policies. Who spies on their subscribers? Our scorecard has the goods.

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