Week In Review: The McCain Show During Obama Week, And Why Kindles Won't Be Heading Back To School This Fall

With the Olympics over and Microsoft’s Silverlight winning a few hearts and minds in the process (despite Adobe’s best efforts), politics took centre stage at the Democratic National Convention. While it was technically Obama’s week, McCain proved that you can teach an old dog new tricks: the 72-year-old Republican nominee held the upper hand in both search engine marketing and number of YouTube views. And as speculation surrounding his VP selection grew, McCain unveiled an “exciting and unprecedented” ad during Obama’s Thursday night address. Meanwhile, Rock the Vote’s Xbox voter registration initiative has dismal prospects for getting gamers to vote for either candidate this fall.

labour Day weekend means it’s back-to-school time. Can Amazon’s Kindle cash in on the college market? Not unless it offers “affordable, printable and accessible” digital texts, according to one student group. And while Amazon is pushing product with a $100-off deal with Chase, consumers holding out for a Kindle 2.0 (and Amazon’s video streaming service, for that matter) can expect to wait longer.

Heavy internet users should take note: Comcast revised its acceptable use policy this week, capping data usage at 250 GB/month for all residential customers. This won’t affect most of us (save hehateme), who are apparently too busy stalking the Jonas Brothers, creating fake “Mad Men” Twitter accounts or spamming Peter Kafka on IM.

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