Week In Review: The Axe Finally Falls At Yahoo


On Wednesday, we watched as news of the Yahoo layoffs came in live, via comments submitted by employees. It was an emotional day for some ex-Yahoos, like one who kept a rolling log of her fate on her Twitter account. Also for outgoing CEO Jerry Yang, who said that “saying goodbye to colleagues and friends is never easy” in his memo.

More news, in case you missed it:

  • Apple boss Steve Jobs was caught looking like a dork in a series of images we found from the early ages of computer engineering.
  • The Shibu Inus of Puppy Cam became the most popular live-streaming video of all time.
  • We tallied up this year’s most popular Web videos. Most of them are music videos.
  • Verizon updated the software for its would-be iPhone killer, the BlackBerry Storm. Maybe this will keep frustrated users from returning it?
  • The rumoured Walmart-iPhone deal brought in bullish sales estimates.
  • We estimated Apple’s iPhone app revenue could be $50-$100 million so far.
  • The Tribune company filed for bankruptcy — its employees look to lose more than Sam Zell.