Week In Review: The Ad Climate Is Tough, Says Everyone

We didn’t expect this week’s Yahoo shareholder meeting to be that interesting, and we were right. The interesting part happened the night before, when Time Warner CEO Jeff Bewkes told former employee Jon Miller that he couldn’t get out of his non-compete and join the Yahoo board. He-said/he-said promptly ensued.

Big Media sounded off about the state of the ad market this week. And Big Media didn’t have good news. Viacom (VIA) says ad sales were much worse than expected.  Comcast’s (CMCSA) ad biz is down too. Over at CBS (CBS) it’s even worse. There was one winner: Interpublic (IPG), which is seeing growth overseas.

No surprise there.  We’ve run a breakdown of ad sales at the major players, and the best performers are seeing money still coming in from outside America or on the Internet.  Yes, you read that right, there’s no more denying Internet ad sales are essential to the bottom line, so says Disney (DIS).

At least if you’re riding out the recession by watching movies, you’ll be able to watch more of them via the Internet.  Dell (DELL) has a new mini-PC, priced at $499 with an HDMI port.  And LG has its own Blu-ray/Netflix box coming in September.

Meanwhile, entertain yourself by playing with two of our favourite toys from the past week.  Firefly, a chat-on-a-webpage tool is a little confusing but undeniably fun. And check out the laughably bad search results on overhyped “Google killer” search tool Cuil.com (prounced “cool,” umm, we think). Google, be not afraid.

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