Week In Review: No Stevenote At Macworld


Steve Jobs isn’t presenting at Macworld? Huh? That’s what Apple (AAPL) announced Tuesday, leaving the Apple faithful to wonder why.

What else you may have missed this week:

  • Are a lot of BlackBerry (RIMM) buyers returning their Storms? Verizon (VZ) says no, and RIM reports its Q4 outlook is better than expected, helped by the Storm.
  • People freaked out when the WSJ reported Google (GOOG) is wavering on its stance on net neutrality. Google denies it and Harvard’s Larry Lessig — quoted in the story — calls it “baseless, unsupported, and wrong.”
  • Which tech giants have been walloped by falling stock prices? Hint: names like Larry and Sergey on the list.
  • Sexual harassment on the PS3? Well Sony (SNE) just deactivated speech chat in PS3 virtual world “Home.” Sony executives come clean to SAI in an exclusive interview about the gaming console.
  • World of Warcraft players take note: don’t mention your gaming addiction on a job interview.
  • Bad news for NYTimes.com — it needs seven times more traffic to survive as a Web-only product.