Week In Review: Google's Gphone Is No iPhone; RIM Disappoints; Yahoo Stays In Limbo

Anticipation ran high this week ahead of the unveiling of Google’s Android-running “G1” cell phone (don’t call it a “Gphone”), priced at $180. The G1 will come pre-loaded with Amazon’s (AMZN) MP3 music store, making Google’s entry to the cell phone market a full-flegded competitor to Apple’s (AAPL) iPhone. But our first take is that the iPhone’s polished user interface makes it the superior product. At least a few analysts think the G1 will be a huge money-maker for Google, but we can imagine a few things Google could have done to really make the G1 a game-changer.

Meanwhile, Blackberry-maker Research In Motion (RIMM) took a downwards turn. RIM missed its Q2 estimates and its stock plunged. In retrospect, analysts tell us, it’s probably best to have sold the stock.

Kara Swisher reported that Yahoo (YHOO) – AOL (TWX) talks are proceeding, but any deal could take forever to work out. In the meantime Yahoo should try to clean its own house and trim some fat.

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