Week In Review: Big Media Starts Shrinking (Told You So)

With the Yahoo-AOL deal in limbo, the big story this week was contractions across old media. Time Inc is laying off 600, Condé Nast is eviscerating Portfolio and Men’s Vogue, and the Christian Science Monitor is abandoning print altogether.

More things worth reading:

  • We announced our 2008 Silicon Alley 100. Congratulations to everyone on our list.
  • MTV debuted a Hulu-like website for music videos.
  • As falling ad rates put the squeeze on Internet companies, more and more services are offering paid accounts with premium goodies.  Everyone’s looking for more revenue from users, even Second Life.
  • Tech companies are laying off, but our sources say no new big cuts are coming to AOL 
  • Is Facebook running out of money? Was CFO Gideon Yu in Dubai to raise cash?
  • Legendary VC John Doerr offers recession advice: 10 Ways Not To Lose Your Shirt

(Image courtesy of Plutor)

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