8 wedding trends that you'll see everywhere this spring

Kir Tuben PhotographyVintage decor elements are having a moment.
  • WeddingWire has put together some of the biggest trends you’ll likely see when couples tie the knot this spring.
  • As couples focus on personalizing their weddings with modern and fun touches, get ready to see more creative lighting arrangements.
  • Vintage decor elements, tropical blooms, and rattan wicker pieces will also be trendy additions.
  • Wedding cake alternatives will remain a popular choice for couples next season.

If you’re going to one or more weddings this year, or planning your own nuptials, you’ll probably notice a few major trends.

From creative light installations to bridal barrettes, many couples are ditching tradition for more modern, fun, and personalised touches on their big day.

Before the season changes, WeddingWire has put together some of the biggest trends you’ll likely see when couples tie the knot this spring.

Check them all out below.

This spring, expect to see many rattan wicker statement pieces at weddings.

Kir Tuben PhotographyConsider adding a rattan wicker ottoman and chair to your reception.

These natural pieces “add texture to wedding ceremonies and receptions,” WeddingWire creative director Jeffra Trumpower said.

Trumpower recommended pairing rattan wicker accents with warm hues like reddish-brown and bright orange and metallics like pale gold and copper, as seen in Pantone and WeddingWire’s custom “Golden Hour” palette.

Couples are getting more creative with lighting.

Jana Williams PhotographyBlend hanging lights with greenery for an elegant effect.

Whether you string up rustic Edison bulbs alongside your floral arrangements or decorate with disco balls and pampas grass, there’s no wrong way to try this trend.

Vintage accents will have a major moment.

Kir Tuben PhotographyTypewriters can serve as unique centerpieces.

Vintage items like typewriters, vintage cars, quill pens, hand-held mirrors, and more add classic touches to contemporary weddings, Trumpower said.

As seen in Pantone and WeddingWire’s custom “Stroke of Midnight” colour palette, these accents pair well with metallics and darker tones like twilight blue, purple, and magenta.

Weddings are headed to the woods.

Retrospect ImagesA photo of a wedding at Nestldown in Los Gatos, California.

Couples are gravitating toward romantic forest venues with remote clearings surrounded by luscious trees, Trumpower said.

Many brides will accessorize with bows or barrettes.

Akiromaru/Getty ImagesThese hair accessories can also be chic alternatives to veils.

This look can be either minimalist or glam, depending on your personal style. Try, for example, adding a small bejeweled barrette to a bob or tying an oversized flowing bow around a low ponytail.

Get ready to see large, colourful tropical blooms and anthuriums everywhere.

Kir Tuben PhotographyTry decorating with painted Monstera deliciosa leaves.

These plants can be incorporated into bouquets, table arrangements, decor, and more.

According to Trumpower, tropical blooms pair well with vibrant orange, teal, or turquoise hues, as seen in Pantone and WeddingWire’s custom colour palette “Paradise Found.”

Cake alternatives are sticking around.

Laura Ford PhotographyCouples have opted for everything from pancake ‘cakes’ to doughnut towers.

While unconventional wedding cakes have been around for a while, Trumpower said the whimsical trend will stay strong this spring.

Many couples will serve drinks inside fruits.

Courtesy of WeddingWirePineapples, watermelons, and coconuts can easily be hollowed out.

These fun, portable drinks add “beautiful pops of colour” to your wedding day, Trumpower said.

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