11 websites every modern gentleman should bookmark

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Websites almost feel passé in the world of apps.

But as anyone who works at a desk for a living can tell you, we still spend a lot of time staring at computer monitors, looking at websites.

We’ve put together a list of websites you should visit every so often to make sure you’re the best person and man you can be.

We’ve covered everything from how you dress to how you manage your money, so you can be the true renaissance man you know you are.



If you're a fan of pricey watches, and you're not reading Hodinkee yet, you should be.

There's no better place to learn about luxury watches on the internet -- no matter if you're already an expert or a complete novice on the subject. They have plenty of catch-up material to get you up to speed on everything, as well as news about the latest and greatest in the world of horology.



InsideHook is a men's interest blog dedicated to the finer things in life. That includes travel, food and drink, style, and more.

The goal here is to tell you what you need to know about men's lifestyle as efficiently as possible in a stylish way.



You wouldn't think of going on a vacation without hitting up TripAdvisor and seeing how everyone has ranked the coolest spots.

Sure, it will only give you some of the most popular place -- no deep cuts here. But it will help you avoid some of the spots that just aren't worth the hype.

Valet Mag


Valet is one of the best men's style blogs for one simple reason: They actually give you real clothing recommendations.

They highlight a particular style -- say, bomber jackets -- and give you several real recommendations on that style at different price points.

The Infatuation


The Infatuation is one of the best places to find out what's good to eat in your city.

It's easily and transparently scored, and even gives dish recommendations. And these guys know food -- it's a true one-stop shop for dining for America's biggest food cities.



Mint keeps track of your financials and spending so you don't have to.

Add your accounts, and it will give you multiple views and charts about how your income and spending stack up. Invaluable.



GQ is great. Yes, sometimes it goes a little far with #menswear #trends, and there are only so many ways you can implore men to care about how their suits fit, but its advice is timeless.



Pitchfork is the source for independent -- and increasingly mainstream -- music.

If you care at all about having your finger on the pulse of what's popular in the music world, this is a must-bookmark.



OK, we know Wikipedia is a bit obvious.

But it's still a great resource for any and all topics, from current events to an extremely wide range of history.

Mr. Porter


Mr. Porter is more than the best place to buy luxury men's clothing.

The stylists are so good, it's actually a great place to get ideas for how to put those pieces of clothes together. It's also carefully curated and bought, so you'll never find a terrible piece of clothing on the entire site.



Full of actually useful financial advice that every guy can use, NerdWallet is one of the best for guys without a lot of time to consider if their credit card rewards are the best for their situation.

It dispenses valuable, easy-to-understand, number-crunched personal finance advice. What more could you want?

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