This Website Will Help You Avoid Hotels With Awful WiFi

Hotel WiFi TestHotel WiFi TestA screenshot of Hotel WiFi Test’s home page.

Sure, most hotels say they offer free WiFi. But we’ve all experienced the anguish of not being able to check our work emails (read: stream TV shows) because the connection is just too slow.

A new website called Hotel WiFi Test is now helping us avoid those painful situations.

The site is super simple. You just type in a location, and it will give you a list of hotels it has tested and show you the speed of the WiFi at those locations.

Let’s say you’re travelling to London. You can browse through the 21 hotels the company has already tested, which show a range of WiFi speeds from 84.2 Mbps all the way down to 0.42 Mbps. (Maybe don’t stay at the hotel with 0.42 Mbps.)

On top of the WiFi speed, the site also includes reviews and nightly rates and can direct you to to actually book the hotel. This way you can make an informed decision, armed with the basics as well as connection speeds.

Since it’s still relatively new, Hotel WiFi Test hasn’t gotten to all hotels out there, so it’s also asking for your help.

When you’re at a hotel they haven’t yet tested, the site will ask to test the speed of the WiFi so it can add the data for future users. But until they have tested all the hotels out there, the site also provides an estimation for the not-yet-tested locations using a unique machine-learning prediction tool.

The hope is the site will call out the good guys and the bad guys, encouraging hotels to do better when it comes to WiFi.

Hotel WiFi Test even delivers a ranking of the major hotel chains based on their testing and data. The top 10 hotel chains, according to the site, are (in order): Andaz, Le Meridien, Radisson Blu, Four Points, Scandic, Sheraton, Crowne Plaza, Marriott, Hyatt, and Residence Inn.

You may have other considerations when picking a hotel (you know, location and price, for example), but Hotel WiFi Test is here to make sure you’re making an educated decision in terms of internet connectivity.

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