This new website helps you crowdsource your excuse for staying home from work

People have elaborate systems for maximizing how well an excuse for staying in bed will work on their bosses. Some schedule a series of emails so it looks like they were up early, while others spend an unhealthy amount of time crafting the perfect excuse, full of just enough truth to be believable.

But now you can let “the crowd” take some of the hard work out of creating a workable excuse.

WFH.Ninja, a new site uncovered by The Next Web, provides you with a series of excuses for your hangover.

The interface presents you with one excuse at a time, which you can vote either “This won’t fly” or “Hell Yeah!” on, prompting the site to move you to another excuse. This means as you click through excuses, you aren’t just finding one for yourself, you’re making the excuse machine better.

The excuses range from the prosaic “dentist’s appointment” to gambles like “my pants are still in the dryer” (currently at negative 247). But there are some genuinely clever ones such as, “Up late last night with the Asian team/client” (at positive 392), banking on the idea that your boss isn’t going to actually check with your colleagues in China.

And of course, users can also submit their own excuses for the greater good and the judgment of their peers.

Product manager Christina Ng got the idea for the site after a long night playing Blizzard’s Heroes of the Storm, according to a blog post. They weren’t ready for bed but definitely didn’t want to go into work the next day. Ng and her friends started brainstorming ways to quantify the likelihood of success for a particular excuse, and WFH.Ninja was born.

You can click here to try out the excuse generator for yourself.

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