@Web2.0: Cisco Gets Into Social Networking, Too


Cisco has has been furiously trying to broaden its reach beyond the router/switch business for a long time. So it’s only natural that they’d try to get into social networking — everyone else is, why not John Chambers? The company is using the Web 2.0 conference to announce plans for EOS, a back-end product for social networks. Alberto Escarlate, our man in San Francisco (as well as CTO of Flatiron-based Entertainment Media Works), was there and has this brief report:

Dan Scheinman, senior vice president and general manager, explained that EOS (Entertainment Operating system) is “an open software platform for creating and managing a community-based entertainment experience.” It’s a back-end infrastructure that will power entertainment and media based on discovery, community, multimedia. He doesn’t provide many other details, though, other than the fact that Cisco already powers communities for the NHL and NASCAR (through the acquisition of Five Across, a white label social networking service).

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