Look At All This Web-Only TV That's Actually Good


There is plenty of terrible Web-only video.

But you know what?

There is also some great stuff out there.

From meditations on yuppies to meditations on living in Brooklyn, the web world can be a funny place.

We found seven of the best.


Description: A faux paper, The Newark Times, follows around a couple, Ted and Gracie, as they prepare for their wedding day. Magic, awkwardness ensues.

Description: '40 million viewers tune in every week to check out this classic sit-comedy about three WACKY driving instructors--Barry, Linda, and Fran--and the nasty messes they find themselves in as they try to run a school, please their grumpy bitch boss Mr. Peen, and maintain a healthy adult sex life.'

Description: Greg & Donny are two buddies from a small town in Western Pennsylvania. Greg teaches health at the high school and Donny don't got a job. Greg's wife Gina is what you might call a cougar with a big mouth, but she says it's 'cause she's Sicilian. Donny's friend Missy is a spacey kinda girl with a active social life. They all grew up together and spend most of their time arguing about all the things that make them mad n'at.

Description: Welcome to Dum Dum Interactive, where things could frankly run a little smoother. Let Mackenzie, Abra and D'arcy's bonkers take on the office get you through another week of work.

Description: VAG MAGAZINE is not your grandma's feminist magazine, though we support her as a woman. Go behind the scenes at this hipster third-wave feminist magazine with founders FENNEL, SYLVIE, and BETHANY, staffers HEAVY FLO (a hero on the roller derby circuit), REBA (truly a legend of gonzo feminist pop culture journalism), and MEGHAN (the lone holdover from fashion magazine Gemma, which the Vag founders bought out with the proceeds from their Etsy shop), as well as enthusiastic intern KIT, as they teach you how to be a better woman.

Description: Zach Galifianakis at his best, interviewing celebrities. It's not scripted, but it's always funny.

Some of the highlights

Embedding is disabled by Funny or Die, but here's Galifianakis with Ben Stiller, Steve Carrell, and Tila Tequila.

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