's Traffic Is Exploding And These Advertisers Are Reaping The Rewards

The flashlight and sandbag industries aren’t the only ones benefiting from the emergency weather situation.

According to advertising analytics shop AdClarity, in only three days  — The Weather Channel’s website — has seen a whopping 960 million pageviews and 41 million unique visits from people scrambling to see Hurricane Sandy’s path. In fact, the site has had a 20 per cent traffic boost this week and 30 per cent yesterday, VentureBeat reports.

More Americans are currently  going to than any other weather site. The table below shows that has four times more traffic than its closest competitor, stats adclarity

Photo: AdClarity

And some advertisers have taken advantage of the surge in traffic on the site.

While Google Chrome is taking up 16.97 per cent of ad space on AccuWeather, for

  • Nationwide (insurance) currently has 11.48 per cent of the ads
  • Fat Burning Furnace (weight loss) has 8.33 per cent
  • Zyrtec (allergy medication) has  6.67 per cent
  • CasselH (farming solutions) has 6.67 per cent
  • Advil (for hurricane-related headaches) has 6.67 per cent
  • LendingTree (home loans) 5 per cent

Here’s the breakdown: advertising adclarity

Photo: AdClarity

There are currently 26 advertisers on running 37 different ads — a decrease from yesterday. Sunday there were 65 online ads from 43 different advertisers.

While travellers, for example, was the second biggest advertiser on the site over the weekend, it pulled back its share of ads come Monday morning, when the storm is actually anticipated to hit.

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