The Best People To Follow On Twitter For Weather

Eric fisherEric FisherFacebook profile of chief meteorologist Eric Fisher


Suddenly everyone is excited about it, fuelled in part by an uptick in wacky weather events, but also by a new gang of weather experts and climate reporters that are reaching people through the Internet, namely Twitter.

Many seasoned meteorologists are now using 140 characters or less to make normally complicated data accessible to the general public. They use terms that everyone can understand and push out maps that make snowstorms, hurricanes, and other weather-related happenings interesting.

Below is a list of the some best weather people to follow on Twitter. You might even learn some meteorology.

Eric Fisher — Chief meteorologist at CBS Boston
Handle: @ericfisher

Mike Seidel — On-camera meteorologist and field reporter for The Weather Channel. He also covers breaking news for NBC, MSBC, and CNBC
Handle: @mikeseidel

Cory Mottice — Meteorologist for AccuWeather
Handle: @EverythingWX

Stu Ostro — Senior meteorologist at The Weather Channel
Handle: @StuOstro

James Spann — Chief meteorologist for ABC 33/40, based in Birmingham, Alabama
Handle: @spann

Stephen Stirling — Data reporter for the Star-Ledger in New Jersey
Handle: @SStirling

Eric Holthaus — Meteorologist, currently writing for Slate
Handle: @EricHolthaus

Andrew Freedman — Senior climate reporter for Mashable
Handle: @afreedma

Jim Cantore — Broadcast meteorologist appearing on The Weather Channel
Handle: @JimCantore

Stephanie Abrams — Meteorologist for The Weather Channel who hosts the “Wake Up with Al” show with Al Roker.
Handle: @StephanieAbrams

Tom Niziol — Winter Weather Expert at The Weather Channel
Handle: @TomNiziol

Ari Sarsalari — Broadcast meteorologist for WAAY 31 in Huntsville, Alabama

Here are some general news sites that are also good to follow:

Breaking News Storm — Real-time severe weather updates
Handle: @breakingstorm

National Weather Service — Weather updates for the entire country from NOAA
Handle: @NWS — Breaking news and weather stories from
Handle: @breakingweather

Handle: @WeatherBug

Have suggestions for great weather people to follow? Feel free to let us know in the comments.

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