Police In California Are Battling Severe Winter Weather While They Search For An 'Armed And Dangerous' Ex-Cop

Police helicopters searching for an ex-cop were downed early this morning after winter weather made it too dangerous for them too fly.

KTLA 5’s live newscast about the search for Christopher Dorner, a former LAPD cop suspected of shooting three cops, one of whom died, and killing two civilians, shows just how bad the weather has become. Authorities consider him to be armed and dangerous.

Currently, it’s only 21 degrees in Big Bear, Calif., where cops are continuing their search for Dorner.

Check out the scene in Big Bear, courtesy of KTLA 5: 

reporter snow big bear

Photo: via KTLA 5

big bear calif snow

Photo: via KTLA 5

big bear snow 2

Photo: via KTLA 5

Police are continuing their search on the ground, despite the weather. 

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