No, The Weather Channel Is Not Hacking Your Gmail Account To Deliver Spam To DirecTV

A Reddit user has accused The Weather Channel of hacking into his Gmail account to send protest messages to DirecTV, which dropped the channel due to a contract dispute.

There’s just one problem with the allegation: Weather Channel tells Business Insider that it’s totally false.

The Reddit user, czarrie, says:

So I logged into my GMail account for the first time in a few days and find a pile of bizarre-looking replies to e-mails that I never sent, addressed to people with names that can be abbreviated to my email address (which I won’t share here). The e-mails I have are all generated replies, whereas the original messages all seem to be directed at DirectTV, concerned about how DirectTV has dropped TWC, and how these letters are “being forward to their Congressmen” or something of the like.

… So, who’s getting paid to spoof these e-mails/faxes to DirectTV?

He or she also provided several redacted image of the hacked inbox, showing a bunch of spam:

DirecTV has apparently also sent replies to the spam, including this one from “Ryan,” a DTV customer service specialist. he writes, “Now we understand why we are receiving a lot of emails about TWC removal”:

A Weather Channel spokesperson says, “Of course this is not true. We have not, are not and would not ever engage in anything like this.”

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