WEARABLE COMPUTING: Inside The New Mobile Market That Is Taking Shape

Those betting big on wearable computing believe an assorted new crop of gadgets — mostly worn on the wrist or as eyewear — will transform the way in which we interact with the rest of our devices.

But wearables won’t just complement smartphones. What is perhaps most intriguing about them is that they will serve new purposes too. Because they are designed to be worn close to the body, they’re ideal for monitoring our vital signs and health. They’ll track how active we are, our sleep quality, how many steps we take during the day. Consumers of all sorts — fitness buffs, dieters, and the elderly — will come to rely on them.

Or … will they? Overall consumer awareness is still low. Speculation on the future market for wearables devices is a confusing mix of scepticism and hype.

In a recent report from BI Intelligence, we make sense of the muddle and analyse various growth forecasts for the wearable computing market, explore the products and prospects of each component market – including bracelets, smartwatches, and eyewear, examine the various barriers to entry for each, and look at how wearables could bring along new platform wars.

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Here’s a brief overview of the wearable computing market:

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