MOBILE INSIGHTS: Is Wearable Tech The Next Big Thing In Mobile?

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Mary Meeker’s Latest State of the Web Presentation (SAI)

Delivering her annual State of the Web presentation, Meeker argued that the future of the Web is mobile, sensory (audio/visual), and wearable. It’s hard to argue with the first two, but the third is less certain. Meeker cites the growth of fitness bands, which is true (and which she’d know firsthand as an investor in Jawbone). Meeker cites research that says we interact with our phones more than 100 times a day, as evidence that we’ll tire of being distracted by them and shift to wearables. However, the majority of us don’t reach for our phone for every separate interaction we have with it, we finish several small tasks every time we use our device. Finally, Meeker says that some people doubted the PC/Internet also, which is the classic straw man while discussing the “future of the future.” However, as we discuss in our wearable computing report, major questions surround it, particularly around privacy. Read > Disney Gets into Wearable Tech with the MagicBand (The Next Web)
The new bands come free with a purchase of tickets or packages to its theme parks and can be used to make purchases, reserve experiences, or even as a hotel key. Read >   

  • If you’re interested more in wearable computing, there is a wearable technology conference in New York this July.

Location is the New Cookie (AdExchanger)
Cookies are the standard for tracking consumers on the Web, but that paradigm has been shattered by mobile. Location may become the new standard. Read >  

“We’re not just mobile-first. We’re all in on mobile. We were created for mobile.”—Twitter CEO Dick Costolo, speaking at AllThingsD’s D11 conference (AllThingsD)
Twitter’s U.S. traffic is 70% mobile, according to comScore. Costolo also discussed Twitter’s second screen opportunity. Read >  

iPhone Owners Spend 53 per cent More Time on Their Devices Than Android Users (Marketing Charts) 
Per a new Experian study, this would confirm suspicions that iPhones tend to draw mobile power users. The study also found that Americans spend 58 minutes per day on their smartphones, including phone calls, which is significantly less time than what similar studies have found. Read >  

Tim Cook Hints More customisation May Come to iOS (The Verge) 
This would be a big change from the “closed garden” approach favoured by Apple and a nod to the greater flexibility of Android. However, Cook emphasised that he would not put consumers at risk of having a bad experience. Read > 

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