Wealthy Dogs And Cats Are Eating Much Fancier Meals Than You Are

lobster meal
Now just imagine this meal in a dog bowl

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Ah, the things people will do for their pets—especially wealthy people. A new kind of “super-premium” pet food is gaining popularity as affluent pet owners—and their pets—grow older, reports William Grimes for The New York Times

Perhaps a geriatric terrier doesn’t really need a meal of duck, brown rice, carrots, apples, and peas (offered by Merrick), but Grimes points out that with pet-food recalls in China five years ago, a growing number of smaller, boutique-y food suppliers are accommodating concerned owners.

According to Grimes, super-premium sales make up five per cent of a market which raked in $19 billion in 2011 for dog and cat food sales.

Other decadent meals include lobster consommé for dogs and wild salmon and whipped egg soufflé for cats, Grimes reports.

We won’t blame you if your mouth is watering.

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