Wealth Managers Flocking To Where The Rich Are: St. Moritz


Everyone seems to be slashing, but some wealth managers are aggressively going after potential clients, in their native habitats. In this case that’s a fancy Swiss ski resort.

Wealth Bulletin: Julius Baer has opened an office in the ski resort of St Moritz, after Deutsche Bank private wealth management announced plans for a new presence in the region last week.

Julius Baer today opened a branch in the ski resort, seeking to provide the pool of wealthy individuals in the region with access to private banking services.


The team will be led by Heinz Inhelder, who joins the bank from UBS where he was head of the Swiss bank’s wealth management in St Moritz, and responsible for the Graubünden region as head of private banking international.

Heinz Inhelder will be joined by three relationship managers from the region, Adriano Trivella, Marco Kleger and Fredy della Torre.

Last week Deutsche Bank announced plans for a St Moritz office to open in January. The bank also hired Hanspeter Danuser who has worked in the region for 30 years to bring potential clients to the bank.