LIFE IN AMERICA: 3 Million Overlords And 300 Million Serfs


One of the most disturbing trends in this country is the rise of extreme wealth and income inequality.

As the following charts show, America is rapidly becoming a country of a few million overlords and three hundred million serfs.

Unfortunately, this issue has been politicized, which means that people don’t think about the implications of it–they just start yelling.

But extreme inequality is bad for everyone, even the overlords.


Because when inequality gets bad enough, serfs don’t have much money to buy products from overlords. This hurts the overlords’ ability to get even richer.

(That’s what’s wrong with the American economy right now. The serfs are tapped out. The overlords are responding by firing more serfs, to increase profits. Unfortunately, because one person’s “costs” are another person’s “wages,” this is making the problem worse.)

The best way to fix inequality is not to tax most of the overlords’ money and give it to the serfs. That just inflames “class warfare” and gets people yelling about “socialism.”

The best way to fix inequality is to persuade the overlords that it is in their best interests to share more of their wealth by paying their employees more for their hard work (work that, not incidentally, is what makes the overlords rich).

Persuading America’s overlords to do this will take a while, though. 

In the meantime, it’s important that everyone understand just how extreme the inequality in this country has become.

It’s way worse than most people think it should be. And it’s way worse than most people think.

The following screenshots from a video created by a pseudonymous videographer called “Politizane” shows this in detail. You can watch the video here or at the end of this presentation. There’s one criticism that I’ll address at the end, but the basic message is correct:

A couple of years ago, professors Dan Ariely and Michael Norton asked 5,000 Americans about wealth and inequality.

They wanted to see what wealth distribution Americans thought would be IDEAL... and then compare this to the ACTUAL distribution.

This is what Americans THINK inequality looks like: The top 20% have most of the pie, then the rest of the country splits up what's left.

The IDEAL wealth distribution, meanwhile--the bar on the bottom--looked like this: A more equal share of the wealth among the various quintiles.

In other words, both Republicans and Democrats think inequality in America is more extreme than it should be. But now let's look at the REALITY.

The REALITY is vastly different than both the ideal and the perception.

The REALITY is that the Top 20% of Americans own the vast majority of all wealth in America. The middle class and poor, meanwhile, have almost nothing.

The Top 1% of Americans, meanwhile, own a staggering 40% of the entire country's wealth!

The top 1%, in fact, owns more than the average Americans (Republicans and Democrats alike) think that the whole top 20% should own.

In case that doesn't get you thinking, let's look at it a different way.

Let's represent America's 311 million population as 100 people.

The net worth of America is about $54 trillion.

What Americans want--Republicans and Democrats alike--is this: The top 20% have the most, the middle class have plenty, and the bottom 20% have some.

This wealth distribution, everyone agrees, would provide an incentive to get rich, without resulting in an impoverished life for those who don't.

Importantly, in this IDEAL distribution, the middle class is very strong. This would help drive strong consumer spending.

But, of course, wealth distribution in America is not ideal. And everyone knows that.

Here's what Americans THINK wealth distribution looks like.

Americans THINK the poor have almost nothing, and the top 20% have a huge amount.

Here's what this PERCEIVED distribution looks like relative to the IDEAL. The poor are hosed. The rich are doing much better than most people--Republicans and Democrats alike--think they should.

But now let's look at the REALITY.

The REALITY is that the top 10% of the country have so much wealth that they're off the chart...

...and the bottom 40% have almost nothing.

Meanwhile, the middle class is miles below both the PERCEPTION and the IDEAL.

So, inequality is vastly worse than most Americans think it should be--and, importantly, than most Americans think it is.

Here's how high the bars for the 2%-5% richest Americans would be if the chart was big enough to fit them.

The richest 1% of Americans, meanwhile, are so loaded that their bar would be 10 times as high as it is possible to show here.

Again, the top 1% of Americans own a staggering 40% of the country's net worth.

The bottom 80%, meanwhile--8 out of 10 Americans--own only 7% of America's net worth.

And that's not all.

The richest 1% of wage earners now take home 24% of the country's total earnings. This compares to only 9% four decades ago.

The top 1% own 50% of the country's financial assets.

Today, big-company CEOs make 380 times as much as their average workers. 380 times!

It takes the average worker more than a month to earn what the average CEO makes in an hour.

Again, here's what people think inequality SHOULD BE compared to what they THINK IT IS compared to what it ACTUALLY is.

That's just outrageous. And if we don't start to reverse this trend, it will destroy the country.

Now, there's one point that people who like the status quo say this study ignores: The mobility of Americans throughout the wealth quintiles throughout their lives. If this mobility were very common, it would be a fair point. But it mostly isn't. Most people stay in the same general wealth zone as their parents.

Here's Politizane's video. Watch it!

In short, inequality is a big problem. And it has gotten a lot worse. If you don't believe it, see the charts below...

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