1,000 sausage dogs and their owners turned up for a mass walk through London organised on Instagram

  • Over 1,000 dachshunds got together for a massive walk at Greenwich Park.
  • This was the third Sausage Walk since September 2017.
  • The event has now gone viral.
  • It was founded by the owners of Insta-famous dachshunds George and Mildred.

Over 1,000 dachshunds turned up at Greenwich Park for the third edition of the Sausage Walk London, an event where dachshund owners join to walk their dogs.

Dogs from all over the country turned up despite the cold weather and snow.

The event was founded by Katherine, Catherine, and Grace, the owners of Insta-famous dachshunds George and Mildred. They promoted the event on Instagram using the hashtag #SausageWalkLondon.

The first walk was in September 2017 and the event quickly went viral. The organisers hosted another walk in December 2017 which we also joined.

Organisers are using their reach to help less fortunate dogs, partnering with charitable initiative StreetVet to help homeless dogs in the street.

Produced and filmed by Claudia Romeo