Twitter account shames restaurants that think they're too good for plates

A trend is sweeping the nation, fundamentally changing the American dining experience.

You may have noticed it the last time you went out for dinner in a place with exposed brick and filament lighting: food served on something that isn’t a plate.

A veggie plate on a slate slab, french fries in a mini shopping cart, and toast on a cutting board. We’ve all been there. It’s supposed to be cute, but it’s just annoying. When will the madness end?

Thankfully, Twitter feed We Want Plates is fighting the good fight, railing against the ridiculousness that has overtaken modern dining.

It starts innocently enough. A plate of veggies served on slate. Slate plates should really only be reserved for cheese plates, but we’ll let it slide.

But we quickly get ahead of ourselves, with a burger served on a cutting board — and matching mini frying basket for the fries.

And that just takes us down the rabbit hole, where we have beef curry in a toilet bowl.


Toast on a log.

A fry-up on a shovel.

And chicken in a basket.

 Check out the rest of the ridiculous “dishwear” on the Twitter account. 

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