We Want A President To Lie To Us

Chris Christie is seen as the poster child of budgetary reform.  He was able to talk tough and make some changes that were needed to be made.  But there is one large difference between Chris reforming teacher’s benefits and Chris reforming your benefits.  You, the Baby Boomers and the Tea Party, won’t vote to have your benefits cut.

We know that our Fiscal Budget is in ruins.  But like a teenager who knows their homework needs to be finished, we will wait and zone out on video games and MTV to perpertuity.  But the day of reckoning will come, tomorrow we will wake from our stupor and realise “awe shit, I didn’t finish my homework!”

We want a President to promise us that “Everything is going to be OK” and “Yes we can balance the budget!”  And then once elected, back stab us and make the necessary budgetary cuts.  We want a President to lie to us.

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